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We bring companies closer to their customer through data driven research coupled with creative analytical insight.

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We start by analyzing the current market state, then determine a brands unique value opportunity, and ultimately discover a creative way to marry the two in harmony in order to create an impact. We need to understand how and what particular media people consume, and this understanding informs how we proceeded to craft messaging and content that drives impact.


We then take your brand, platform, and business and put it through “The Stoke Method,” a collaborative effort between creative, analytics, and media. We start with insight provided to our creative team of current audience understandings and patterns. Creative and analytics then build on that shared understanding of consumer patterns and situation to discover brand opportunity. We then execute in sync, testing new developed media and learning to understand what components work, with whom, in the context of each platform. The process is iterative and allows us to maximize on positive outcomes.


And, we understand the power and need of innovation in the short-term. We understand that is a necessity and that it is often difficult to abandon old practices to follow trends and expect improvement. We also understand that to stay competitive in the context of the now we must move like never before to achieve like never before. This means taking calculated risks on emerging methods, technology, and ideas in order to improve our situation and the situation of those around us.