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Our team is comprised of industry professionals who pride themselves on understanding the full depth of medial channels that drive positive business outcomes for brands. Media success is determined by attention to detail and understanding how the platform and it’s users naturally evolve. Our media team consists of several disciplines, including media planning, buying, research, reporting, analytics and social technology.

The media team works in tandem with the creative division to ensure that these two disciplines tightly integrate their respective strategies to provide the greatest result.

We focus on data driven results and implementing changes that improve the whole digital system so as to make the largest impact to not only your business but also to gain impactful return on all of your media efforts.

The team is ever engaged in evaluating the full spectrum of platforms to determine where each industry may benefit the most based off unique audience engagement. We aim to capture the strongest performance possible, and do this by using a test and learn approach, supplemented by constant evaluation of emerging technology and research in the media field. Our process allows us to be agile and to capitalize on underpriced targeting before the market is flooded by competitors.

Details of all media purchased and the data associated with those purchases are fully and openly shared with our clients, including cost trents, granular performance metrics, and anything else our clients may need to make informed business decisions.